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Although I benefited from a hip replacement and think it was the right choice for me, the decision to have the surgery is completely yours. The doctor and orthopedist will give you their educated and professional opinion, sometimes vehemently. They are there to help you make the best decision in your health. However, they don’t know where you are in your life, what your insurance will cover (for surgery and related rehabilitation), and if you have the money to pay for what insurance won’t. They don’t know and can’t really answer how the hip replacement surgery will affect your work and personal life. There is much to consider. It is important for you to look at the surgery in light of your life situation, to decide if surgery is best for you, and to decide when the timing is right.

I started this blog to share what I learned regarding hip replacement surgery and to help you question, prepare, and to make your experience the best for you. I will write about topics to help you with your decision, what to do if you don’t decide right away, and how to prepare for hip replacement if you decide to move forward. The process moved quickly for me, and I was surprised many times by things I hadn’t anticipated. You will learn how I coped through my hip replacement journey. I will discuss my mistakes in thought and preparation, and provide you with questions to ask your physician, surgeon, insurance provider, your family, and post-surgical care professionals (nurses and therapists). I want to inform you of the “surprises” I encountered, so you can approach your experience with confidence and without fear.

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Finally, this blog will work best with your engagement. I welcome your comments and questions and look forward to hearing from you. Everyone’s hip replacement experience is different and your comments and questions might be very important to someone else. What would you like to know about hip replacement surgery? What information confuses you or concerns you? Let me know what aspects of hip replacement surgery you would like me to write about first. How can I help you in your Hip Replacement Experience?

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7 thoughts on “Comment and Question

  • Mike K

    I’m looking for Police Officers that have had dual hip replacement and returned to duty. Road or anything not a desk. Reason – I was a Police Officer/Sheriff’s Deputy, cop for approximately 11 years. Got hurt in a foot chase, led to the discovery of Vascular Necrosis. 35years old at the time. I had to steal hips put in. I was medically retired due to the hips. I don’t blame my department and will not speak ill of them. They never had that circumstance, and were worried about liability. I’m not a fan of the union, but I didn’t know how I could fight it at the time. After retirement, I fought my way back, it took 5 years. I worked 911 dispatch, and eventually got a Chief of Police in a small village to risk taking me on me. Only part time, 2 or 3 days a month for a summer. I got back, and made a handful of arrests in that short time.
    That Chief gave me a chance to prove myself. That led to me getting a full time police officer job at another agency.
    I’m looking for success stories of Police Officers. And those that need guidance. I’m well aware of HIPPA, that hindered any possibility of me having a fight to present to my old union. So that said, Feel free to share my email with any Officer that is facing what I did. I couldn’t imagine being anything else besides a Police Officer.
    Rule#1 Everyone Goes Home

    • Post author

      Mike, First, thanks for the comment. Second, let me do some research and see what I can find. Specific stories are sometimes hard to find due to HIPPA regulations. But I will find some information and get back to you. – Ken

  • Tara Allen

    That is smart to consider with the help of a professional if hip replacement surgery is for you. I really like that doctors are able to answer any questions that you have about the procedure and the benefits it will have. I think that is smart to prepare yourself before you undergo surgery and make sure that you understand any questions and concern about the process and healing process.

    • Post author

      Tara, I agree completely that one should not self diagnose the cause of their pain and decide on their own if they need surgery. The hip issues someone is experiencing could be something else, or the sign of a much greater problem. Only a professional orthopedic surgeon should diagnose hip issues and determine the best form of treatment. I hope that the information I provide will help those who have been diagnosed with degenerative hip issues. Hopefully information like you and I provide helps raise understanding and questions patients have regarding the procedure, the preparation for it, and the recovery and physical therapy following. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Bella

    I just had my total hip replacement four weeks ago, I’m recovering and feeling the difference on daily basis, i never new that my leg pain was a serious issue, my first experience with it started ten years ago when a shelf fell in my room and I made a sudden movement and heard a crack, I had a dislocated thigh bone at birth but never knew that the pain that resulted was because of that hurt joint, went to a doctor and he made fun of me at a young age, then I let it go, that was my biggest mistake.

    Through ten years the pain was bearable, but About a year ago I made that same sudden movement and heard that same old crack, I started having a severe pain, went to a chiropractor and a physiotherapist, I felt better for a few days then the pain would haunt me again, I used to go swimming thinking that it was my muscles, I’ve always hated bone doctors and getting X-rays as a child, maybe that prevented me to accept the reality that my hip was collapsing gradually.

    I went to Barcelona with that bad hip and was carrying heavy equipment for filming I could barely walk and that pain was unbearable so I had to cancel some interviews, I was ashamed of my leg and so mad at it because it affected my work.

    When I returned to Dubai I realized that something should be done sent X-rays to My home country, Jordan, and took a professional doctor’s opinion and had the surgery done.

    when the surgeon told me that I needed a hip replacement I was terrified, I had some questions which were answered by my physician, the X-rays did not show one side of the leg, although it was a 360 picture, which made my physician go through the total hip replacement choice instead of the partial one, because the hip bone was destroyed more than he expected, the surgery lasted four hours, i never watched how the operation was done so my mind wouldn’t drive me crazy.

    I woke up and felt that the pain was gone, that hideous ache that prevented me to do so many things in life: to dance, travel, go on hiking trips or even meet new people as I was ashamed from limping my way through parties or gatherings.

    Now four weeks after the surgery, I feel great, and in this time for healing I’m gettomg the chance to remember that my health comes first, then comes my family and friends who stood next to me and I was blessed to have them by my side