This Hip Replacement Blog is for You


If you are trying to decide if you should have a hip replacement, or are in one of the stages of total hip replacement – I wrote this blog for you.

You may have been told you need a hip replacement and are agonizing whether to go ahead with it.

Maybe you have a loved one trying to make a decision whether to have a hip replacement.

Maybe you’re waiting to try other things before having hip replacement surgery.

Maybe hip surgery is scheduled for you or a loved one in the future.

Maybe you are avoiding hip replacment surgery entirely.


I wrote this blog for you!

I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be. I don’t provide medical advice.

I will provide the information which will help you understand the hip replacement process. Most importantly, I will describe my experience through the process and help you be your own health care advocate, question doctors, and reduce your fear in your journey. My goal is to provide you information informing of what you need to know to reduce the fog in your journey towards hip replacement surgery.

Maybe hip surgery is scheduled for you or a loved one in the future. I wrote this blog for you Click To Tweet

Ok, in some way, I wrote this for me, too – a way for me to document my experience and the information I learned.

I knew little about hip replacement surgeries before taking this journey. In the time I had to prepare for surgery, I wasn’t able to answer all the questions I had.

Since that time, and in my rehabilitation, I thought about the fear I had when I was told I needed surgery, and if others had that fear, too. In response, I answered those questions with this blog. I tried to think what questions you might have if you were surprised with a diagnosis of severe arthritis causing hip deterioration, and you were told you needed hip replacement surgery right away.

Let me know if I get it right; or wrong.


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