Avascular Necrosis

Questions and Answers about Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

The following is a guest post by the team of Hipjointpain.info, portal. Types of surgeries, progress of the surgery, what a patient can expect immediately after the surgery, complications, repeated surgeries and other information. Transplantation of the hip or knee joint are common surgical procedures. The affected part of the […]

7 – Musicians with Hip Replacements

Like many of us, famous musicians suffer from disease-like hip osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis. On stage performances sometimes work hips and knees hard and break down necessary cartilage. Read on and see how some very famous musicians went through hip replacement surgery. Billy Joel In November 2010, Billy Joel underwent […]

8 Athletes With Hip Replacements

It seems that star athletes who have had hip replacements – rather than television and screen stars – are more¬†inclined to admit they had surgery. Professional sports athletes¬†train and play hard and push their bodies to new heights. Hours of training and practice can put strain on and further damage […]

Avascular Necrosis Hip

This post discusses the second biggest cause of degeneration of the hip, avascular necrosis of the hip, or osteonecrosis. There are two conditions which contribute to the disintegration of the hip joint. Hip Osteoarthritis Osteonecrosis or Avascular Necrosi The disintegration of our hip happens subtly. Sometimes, significant events point to […]

Avascular Necrosis - Deteriorated Femur Head