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Prevent Hip Replacement

How do you prevent hip replacement? I wrote several articles on the process of getting a hip replacement. I had one reader / follower ask, what can you do to prevent a hip replacement? I thought it was a fair question and wanted to give some options in a post that […]

Prevent Hip Replacement

Hana Table

At first glance, the Hana table might resemble a medieval torture device, but it is actually an operating table used to aid orthopedic surgeons during the Direct Anterior Approach. Developed by California-based Mizuho OSI, the table’s name – Hana® –  is an acronym that stands for Hip And kNee Arthroplasty […]

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Direct Anterior Approach and Minimally Invasive Posterior Approach

In this post I will discuss the two primary hip replacement surgery approaches: the direct anterior approach and the minimally invasive posterior approach. I will go over the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages to each approach. What is a Hip Replacement Approach? First, we should understand what is a hip […]

Parts of the Hip

The hip is the body’s second largest weight-bearing joint (after the knee). It is a ball and socket joint where the leg and hip bone meet. All the parts of the hip work together so you can move in a number of ways (range of motion). Damage to any component […]

Hip Replacement Types

Hip replacement surgeries are the most successful orthopedic procedures today. In the United States alone, hip replacement surgeries are performed over 300,000 times a year. Hip replacement types vary depending on a patient’s age, activity, disease and injury. Although hip replacement surgery may be required for various reasons, it is often […]

Dental Prophylaxis – Antibiotic Premedication for Dental Procedures

I wrote the following blog post after researching a topic someone on Instagram triggered. I was asked if people who had total hip replacement HAD to take antibiotics prior to going to the dentist – for any procedure. I commented back that I was told I had to take antibiotics […]

8 Athletes With Hip Replacements

It seems that star athletes who have had hip replacements – rather than television and screen stars – are more inclined to admit they had surgery. Professional sports athletes train and play hard and push their bodies to new heights. Hours of training and practice can put strain on and further damage […]

7 Celebrities With Hip Replacements

It is interesting and sometimes inspiring for us to know of celebrities with hip replacements. We might say, ‘If this celebrity can make it through a hip replacement, I certainly can.’ Often, celebrities and politicians will have hip replacement surgery – and rehab – in secret: they will emerge after […]

Hip Inflammation Treatment for Hip Pain

The following post is the conclusion of a series on nondrug pain relief treatments for hip pain. In this post, I will focus on hip inflammation treatment for arthritis through therapies, vitamins and minerals. According to the Arthritis Foundation, most focus of treatment for hip pain should be nondrug. Again, […]